ZZ Sorter

High Speed diverter

The ZZ sorter is a high speed diverter with their sorter wheels placed as a zig zag line, so not straight behind each other, the unit is expandable with always 2 rows of wheels. This unit is made to be able to sort also small packages with a 80x80mm size as a minimum.

The size between the profiles is:

Flowsort SLD


ZZ = "Zick-Zack" Diverter


Mechanical information

Wheel diameter

ø 180 mm

Module length

373,2 mm

Number of rows


Standard width

400-600-800-1000 mm

Width adjustable


PU wheel diameter

ø58 mm

Hardness wheel

70°  shore

Diverting angle

-90°  to  +90°


Product handling

Min product dimensions

80 x 80 mm

Max product dimensions

on request

Min product height

5 mm

Max sorting capacity


Min product weight

50 gr.

Max product weight

35 Kg


Control information

Motor for disc rotation

24Volt Pulse gear drive

Max disc rotation speed

-90° to +90° in 0,35 seconds

Motor for PU wheels

24Volt Pulse gear drive

Maximum wheel speed

1,7 m/s


1 Homing sensor per row

Control hardware

1 control card per row, standard I/O pin out via M8 connector, multiple communication busses available