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Flowsort Ecosystem Partner-Platform

Flowsort offers an innovative platform that enables partners to make their solutions accessible to a wide audience. Integrators benefit from Flowsort's plug-and-play solutions, allowing them to seamlessly integrate their products into various systems. At the same time, large facilitators gain access to well-thought-out solutions that they can leverage to optimize their own processes and provide added value to their customers. This symbiotic relationship creates a triple-win scenario: manufacturers reach new markets, integrators can expand their services and facilitators benefit from efficient solutions that enhance their workflows. By becoming part of the Flowsort Ecosystem, one invests not only in a platform but also in a partnership that drives innovation and growth.


FS Solutions, a leading supplier of modular conveyor systems. With a proven track record, we have been providing innovative solutions to sort and transport your pallet, plastic film, crate or box faster, more efficient and more accurate since 2005. Our modular components can suit any process or industry.

Modular components

Total solutions

Wide range conveyor systems

In-house development dept

Fast & flexible & efficient

Low maintenance and downtime systems

From concept through to commissioning, CKF are a UK based robotics and automation systems integrator that offer a complete turnkey solution, providing customers with a one-stop service with results that will propel them into a more productive, cost effective and resilient future.

CKF have been operating for over 35 years and have a wealth of experience

Can handle the full process from design, manufacture through to installation and after sales support

Has vast experience, in a wide range of sectors including food & beverage, e-commerce, automotive and pharmaceutical

One of the UK’s largest robotics and automation systems integrators.

The well-known intelligent logistics systems and core equipment providers in China, focus on R&D and application of logistics technology. Damon has been a technological innovation enterprise covering the entire industrial chain of conveying and sorting intelligent logistics equipment.

Smart and intelligent logistic equipment & system

Reliable and safe project delivery

Life-cycle quality guarantee

Professional and experienced team member

Aftersales service always online

Environment friendly

With more than 46 years of experience, TBWB can rightly call itself a specialist in the automation of intralogistics processes. Whether it concerns the digitization of order picking processes and integration of new installations, palletizing concepts or the complete automation of processing, or storage and transport systems, we are your specialist in every challenge! From transport and sorting systems to automatic storage of pallets and goods; TBWB offers the right solution that suits you. Our installations are extremely suitable for warehouses, distribution centers and production companies.

We deliver single system Integrations and turnkey projects

High quality smart software and smart logistic solutions

Partnerships with leading manufacturers

Reliable and sustainable installations with low energy consumption

Short delivery times

TBWB provides service 24/7

Conveyor Company develops and produces conveyor equipment based on modular components, for warehouses and distribution centers worldwide.
Conveyor Company offers excellent quality, short delivery times, and competitive prices with no frills.

Best prices

Standardized products based on modular components

Short delivery times

A user-friendly configurator and webshop

Excellent quality and reliability

Personal contact directly with the owner, engineer, and assembler

Technica provides innovative, customized, high quality automation solutions & turnkey lines, designed to satisfy the product handling needs of our customers, in order to improve their operation efficiency and to increase their production capacity at optimized costs.

Local presence in Middle East, Gulf, and Africa