SLD – Single Line Diverter

SLD – Single Line Diverter

The Speed Flow Compact Single Line Diverter is a state-of-the-art, fast-working diverter designed to be incorporated into every type of conveyor system. Thanks to its modular design, a wide range of applications can be supported. This solution is designed for easy and quick installation, due to the plug & play principle, saving both time and effort in planning and installation.

A unique feature of this diverter is the easy maintenance principle, whereby the wheel can be removed from above. This allows for quick and easy service checks.

Speed Flow Compact Single Line Diverter

The Speed Flow Compact Single Line Diverter offers an adjustable width to fit almost every conveyor system. Each standard width has an adjustment range of 50mm. Therefore, the size between the side profiles can vary:

  • Between 400-450mm
  • Between 600-650mm
  • Between 800-850mm
  • Between 1000-1050mm
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SLD = Single line Diverter
1 row


Mechanical information

Wheel diameter

ø 180 mm

Module length

200 mm

Module height

227 mm

Number of rows


Standard width

400-1100 mm

Width adjustable

Yes max 50 mm

PU wheel diameter

ø58 mm

Hardness wheel

70°  shore

Diverting angle

-90°  to  +90°


Product handling

Min product dimensions

150 x 150 mm

Max product dimensions

on request

Max sorting capacity

6476 PPH (according to quotation tool @2m/s)

Min product weight

50 gr.

Max product weight

35 Kg


Control information

Motor for disc rotation

24 Volt Pulse gear drive

Max disc rotation speed

-90° to +90° in 0,35 seconds

Motor for PU wheels

24 Volt Pulse gear drive

Maximum wheel speed

2,0 m/s


1 homing sensor per row

Control hardware

1 control card per row, standard I/O pin out via M8 connector, multiple communication busses available