The SLD-24V ( 1 row ) and the DLD-24V ( 2 row ) diverters are high speed diverters designed to build into every conveyor system. It is a modular system which you can configure to your demand. If you need a 3 row system, you connect a SLD (1row) and a DLD (2row) with each other and ready, all produced as a plug & play system.

Easy servicing by removing the wheel from the top with a quick release principle

The diverter has an adjustable width to fit in almost every conveyor system, each standard width has a 50mm adjustment.
The size in between the side profiles is;


Mechanical information;

Wheel diameter ø 180mm
Row length 200mm
Standard width 400-600-800-1000mm ( 50mm extension per width possible )
PU wheel diameter ø 58mm
PU shore 70 ° shore
Diverting angle -90 ° till +90 °


Product handling W x L
Min. size product 150 x 150mm
Max. size product 900 x 1500mm, bigger on request
Min. product height 10 mm
Sorting capacity max 6000 pph ( depending on size and weight )
Min. product weight 50 gr.
Max. product weight 35 Kg.
Products Boxes, crates etc.

Control information;

Motor rotation 24V pulse PGD
Max rotation speed -90 ° till +90 ° in 0,30 seconds
Motor PU wheels 24V pulse PGD
Max. speed 1,75 m/s
Sensors 1 home sensor per row
  • 1 control for both motors, and sensors​
  • ZPA Logic built in to save time on commissioning
  • On-board PLC feature - Write your own program
  • Standard I/O pin out via M8 connector
  • EtherCat or Profinet available
  • Ethernet connections to most major brand PLC's and PC's
  • CE, IP54, ETL certified to UL standards
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