Danich – Dan Integral

Danich – Dan Integral

#FlowsortinAction with DANICH 📦 💨

💬 “We chose Flowsort for its innovative, reliable, and fast technology, as well as its versatility in creating new and creative concepts for our intralogistics solutions” – DANICH , Fabian Contreras Barrios.

🍒 DANICH integrated Flowsort modules into #packaging lines for fresh fruit export, specifically pomaceous fruits. The solution is designed for high #productivity by increasing the speed and flow of boxes distributed evenly in the sealing areas.

💡 DANICH implemented this solution for two of the main cherry exporters in Chile, with a total of 36 sealing lines. These systems can move 4,200 boxes/hour.

Additionally, they also implemented Flowsort for #sorting products according to label reading and for balancing product flows at the end of the line. This allows for segregation by SKU and diversion of certain types of products to other palletizing sectors.

Thanks to DANICH for the insights!