TBWB & Trans-o-Flex

TBWB & Trans-o-Flex

Case Study & #FlowsortinAction with TBWB & Trans-o-Flex

The famous German express and healthcare logistics service provider, Trans-o-Flex, was looking to set up a new site and asked their long-time partner TBWB, a renowned logistics integrator company, for help concerning the planned sorting system.

The core requirements of trans-o-flex were:
1. The sorting must be gentle on the goods.
2. The plant must be energy efficient.
3. The sorting system must be flexible in use.
4. A high degree of fail-safety must be ensured in that individual sorting areas can also be operated independently of one another.

As a direct customer and implementation partner of Flowsort, TBWB decided to use Flowsort’s SLD sorting system to meet Trans-o-Flex’s requirements. The modular nature of Flowsort’s sorting system allowed TBWB to not only implement the solution in record time but also tweak the solution according to the specific needs of Trans-o-Flex.

Trans-o-Flex is very happy with the Flowsort solution as the diverters were quickly interchangeable, which provided them with much-needed flexibility and scalability in using the sorting systems across different use cases. “Since the assembly technology was simple enough for their engineers to understand, the TBWB personnel could easily manage the system in the longer run,” recalls Marco De Groen, sales and marketing head at TBWB.

At the time of the Case-Study Trans-o-Flex were using more than 120 SLD systems to handle their parcel volumes in one location. There are now two locations with twice the number of Flowsort modules.