X-flow 90

X-Flow 90

The new 90° transfer unit from Flowsort

Introducing X-Flow 90, an innovative solution for effortless product transfer at +-90° degrees. The robust design ensures durability and stability. The belts are made of a special, anti-slip composite material and are guided internally, which prevents them from jumping off. Benefit from the flexibility of leading edge orientation and the easy installation.

Thanks to the modular design, Flowsort can support a wide range of applications. This solution is designed for easy and quick installation, thanks to the variable and flexible module sizes and the pre-written PLC function blocks.

In the dynamic world of material handling, speed, efficiency and reliability are crucial. Experience all three with the cutting-edge technology of Flowsort. 


Product information

Standard width: 400 - 420 - 600 - 620, up to 820 mm (with custom flanges)
Module length: 702mm & 847mm
Module height: 150mm (underneath the conveyor frame)
Diverting angle: -90°& +90°

Max sorting capacity: 1200 PPH
Max load: 35 kg
Min parcel dimension: 150mm x 150mm
Max parcel width: 820mm


Motor drive for lift: 24V Pulse gear drive
Motor drive for transport belt: 24V Pulse gear drive
Maximum speed: 0.41 m/s

Sensors: 2 positioning sensor

ConveyLinx-AI2 / Protocols: Profinet, Ethenet I/P, Modbus TCP, CC –link
MotionLynx / Ethercat | standardI/O pin via M8 connector


Flowsort Features

Icon Modular


Only standard modules – No specials

Icon Gentle


Gentle diverting of products in “Flow” – no abrupt braking or mechanical force

Icon Easy + fast

Easy + fast

Easy installation in common conveyor systems saving planning + installation time

Icon Flexible


Intralogistics systems with Flowsort modules can re-configured and adjusted with minimal effort

Icon Reliable


100% reliable and fast response and quotation