The TS-24 sorters  is a high speed modular sorter line, which you can configure to your demand. If you need a 3 row sorting point, you connect a SLD (1row) and a DLD (2row) with each other and ready, all produced as a plug & play system.

If you need more sorting points behind each other, you just connect them and configure them the way you want, with the exits you want, if you need a belt module in front to make a gap, you can connect them into the line and connect it, if you need a belt module in between sorting points, you just move the sorting points out of each other and place the belt module in between and connect it, all plug & play. Easy servicing by removing the wheel from the top with a quick release principle.​


Mechanical information;

Wheel diameter ø 180mm
Row length 200mm
Standard width 400-600-800-1000mm
PU wheel diameter ø 58mm
PU shore 70 ° shore
Diverting angle 0 ° till +180 °


Product handling W x L
Min. size product 150 x 150mm
Max. size product 900 x 1500mm, bigger on request​
Min. product height 10 mm
Sorting capacity max 6000 pph ( depending on size and weight )
Min. product weight 50 gr.
Max. product weight 35 Kg.
Products Boxes, crates etc.


Control information;

Motor rotation 24V pulse PGD
Max rotation speed -90 ° till +90 ° in 0,30 seconds
Motor PU wheels 24V pulse PGD
Max. speed 1,75 m/s
Sensors 1 home sensor per row
  • 1 control for both motors, and sensors​
  • ZPA Logic built in to save time on commissioning
  • On-board PLC feature - Write your own program
  • Standard I/O pin out via M8 connector
  • EtherCat or Profinet available
  • Ethernet connections to most major brand PLC's and PC's
  • CE, IP54, ETL certified to UL standards


BM-24V Belt module

The BM-24V belt module is a belt conveyor driven by a 24V drum motor which has the same control as the diverter and sorter unit.
The drive section is a center drive section, in the center drive are tentioner rollers which you can adjust from the outside of the frame to tension the belt and control the direction of the belt.
The module is build up in the same aluminium black anodised frame profile as the sorting unit.
The belt material is a PU friction top belt, 2 layer color black, which slides over a galvanised top plate.


Mechanical information;

Idler diameter ø 60mm​
Drive roller ø 60mm, 24V Pulse roller
Conveyor  length 1000 / 1500 mm, others on request
Standard width 400-600-800-1000mm.​
Belt material​ PU 2 layer, friction top​
Maximum speed 1,75 m/s


Control information;

Max. speed 1,75 m/s
Sensors 2 connections at the control, sensors not included​
  • 1 control for both motors, and sensors
  • ZPA Logic built in to save time on commissioning
  • On-board PLC feature - Write your own program
  • Standard I/O pin out via M8 connector
  • Ethernet or Profinet available
  • Ethernet connections to most major brand PLC's and PC's
  • CE, IP54, ETL certified to UL standards
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